1. I tried CBD hemp flower about 3 months ago. It is amazing at reliving my back pain and other pain I suffer from. For me it does more to relieve my pain than strong pain medications or anything else for that matter.
    I believe I may be sensitive to canabanoids. I’ve never been much for THC. Usually It has to strong of an affect on me. I have tried Indica, Sativa, hybrid and different strains. I can get a little out there on CBD if I take to high of a dose. But its controllable and I’m still in my own head.
    I may have started mixing CBD Hemp Flower with a little bit of Marijuana Sativa or a little bit of Indica depending on my pain, time of day and my plans for the day. I’m aware of the Entourage effect. It seems like this is what works best for me personally. The CBD takes off ( or most of it off at very least) that hard hitting cant think straight, cant move around right now (lead legs) type feeling from Some marijuana. For me personally they work better together than they do apart.
    I’ve done hours and hours of researching and reading online and in books about CBD, Hemp, THC, Marijuana and just cannabis in general. It may not be for all but It could benefit many.

  2. The VA had me on 40mg Morphine for 6 years. Then weened me off it with Tramadol. The pain never ceased and my 3-4 hour sleep nights stayed put. Last year a friend turned me onto CBD. Fukeen wow! I can work 4-6 hours a day pain free and I sleep like a baby. Fuck opiates.

  3. I've smoked weed to fall asleep quickly for a while. I microdosed though: I took a third of fingernail (nothing really) and drank orange juice to enhance the high. That way, I woke up energised and ready 🙂

  4. Make sure to get high quality stuff and if it's legal where you are get some with a minimal amount of THC to improve the overall effect (basically get legit cannabis 20:1 CBD oil and not some cheap hemp CBD thats riddled with pesticides)

  5. Found CBD with THC salve works pretty good for chronic cervical (c4) pain. I apply it to my neck area and it definitely alleviates my pain. It does relax me and make sleep easier. A pleasant surprise for me.

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