How Far Cannabis Legalization Has Come This Decade | Opinions | NowThis

Ten years ago, you couldn’t buy recreational cannabis in the U.S. It’s now legal in 10 states plus Washington D.C. for people 21 and older. Here’s how far …


  1. Legalizing it would probably take a lot of power away from the Mexican cartels. lower prescription drug costs. lessen the need for a border wall. youd think Republicans would be all over this idea

  2. Frack I still can’t believe at times how it’s so convenient now to buy weed legally instead of meeting some dude behind an alley for a “dub” or wait for that one friend who always had weed. Strange times we live in now. My question in regards to the MORE Act, IF it does pass will this allow employers to NOT discriminate/disqualify an applicant based on testing positive on a urine test? ?

  3. Utah voted for it and it passed! Two years later we're still waiting!! Guess who's blocking it? The Mormon church but increased the alcohol in beer so they can make more police stops! Utah is so backward!!

  4. In Az the FBI doesn't trust the ex secretary of state Michelle Reagan with the 2016 election results. No politician cares, because it's not about Hillary, but most likely about prop.205 legalization. Arizona was a state, where all you needed to get something on the ballot was a 100,000 signatures. They changed that immediately after the election. It's why it didn't make it on the ballot in 2018. Now Az has watered down Bill's for 2020.

  5. It's funny how the gov says CBD is dangerous when theres no Gov studies on it. And ita schedule one which means there's no medical use for weed even though the US gov has a patent for cannabis. What a bunch of hypocrites. We need to make it schedule 2 already. Or in real terms schedule 3 like cough medications

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