How This Cannabis Entrepreneur Saved Hundreds of Kids' Lives | NowThis

In a country where cannabis is federally banned and the legality of medical use is patchy, parents of children with cancer have been turning to this advocate and …


  1. It is medication!!!! ???????
    Nothing has helped me more with my illness then marijuana!!!! People need to see that it is medicine by 2020 and legalize it in all US states!!!! It’s 2019 rn and I have to buy my medications illegally in my state, just because of the fact that it’s not legalized here yet….. and we who use it for medical purposes illegally in these illegal states risk incarceration just to get our medication we need… Its heartbreaking knowing people are out here suffering just because some people still believe in some made up stereotypes about marijuana… Vote for legalization everywhere! ?♿️?

  2. I love how NowThis only gets like 5 to 10k views on most of their fake news propaganda videos lol, literally nobody cares about you guys… I come here for solely for comedic relief and it never disappoints but seriously you are totally irrelevant

    I have 3 YouTube subscribers and I think one of them is a spam account but I still have an upload with twice as many views ??

    Y'all have as hard of a time getting viewers as Dems are having trying to fish for random things Trump did wrong lol

  3. Well I wouldnt make the claim that these oils can be used to treat cancer directly, since there is no literature indicating it so, although there is very little research on canabis in the first place. I hope that with legalization, papers will start to show positive effects in medical canabis.

  4. My dad was one of the earlier test subject of cannabis for cancer patients in the late 70s/early 80s. Its definitely great for pain management and never understood why it has been taking to Long to make it standardized

  5. CBD is legal in all 50 states. I started it yesterday for some medical condition I have and it's working pretty well. Still need more time on it for it to be effective, but this stuff is better than prescription meds I was taking a while ago. Only thing is, the CBD products are a little expensive. Worth it, though.

  6. Thank goodness for this wonderful woman who stuck her neck out for people suffering pain that cannabis can alleviate. The United States could have accomplished this much earlier in our history if the Federal Government weren't STILL insisting on keeping cannabis listed as a Schedule One Drug. No research and development can legally be done with Schedule One drugs. Even with over eight states in the U.S. having legalized either medical and/or recreational marijuana, the Federal Banking System cannot legally be used to deposit daily sales receipts as is done for every other legal business.

    The Federal Government has not legalized marijuana – only individual states have done so. What's the holdup, Government?

  7. This medicine is so helpful for my chronic pain post-op for a brain tumor, and so much better than opioids. Both work, though, so, I don’t want to bash opioids’ pain killing abilities, the negative side effects of medical marijuana that are there with IV opioids/opiates are much less severe for me, and, I feel so privileged to have that solution for pain management when NSAIDs, don’t touch my pain, and the side effects of opioids/opiates aren’t worth enduring.CBD/THCs effects are nothing but positive for me, and help actually alleviate my pain for a period of time. I’ve been using this medically for a few years now, and I can’t begin to praise this as a pain alleviating medicine over opioids/opiates.

  8. I received a brain injury in 2012 and my whole demeanor about life has done a 180, I was full of life, I wanted to live, I wanted to experience life, I wanted a family. Since the accident, I don't see hope, I don't have hope, I don't see a way out, I feel useless, I feel suicidal. Medicated with cannabis, i feel "normal", like before the accident. With cannabis I see solutions and not problems. With cannabis I see my benefit to the human race.

  9. Cannabis saved me from my mind splitting migraines that conventional prescription medication couldn’t help alleviate. Anyone who refers to cannabis as evil or a gateway drug doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  10. Gave me a false + on marijuana test in hosp to cover non consensual human experimentation. Then to hide oit tried to commit me of false charges of cannibis use disorder. Only got off on a miracle. Tried to commit me not allowing me to submit evidence, call witnesses, phone calls, were paying for my lawyer, and were going to force drug before the hearing. Also, giving false +'s to ppl so they can take their kids! This is epidemic!

  11. And yet this country still has cannabis as a schedule 1 drug, effectively claiming it has no medicinal purpose. This woman is a true hero and deserves all the praise and success in the world. Thank you for being brave enough to provide these children with the care they need and deserve

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