1. A person shouldn't have to pay $300 to be seen plus whatever else. That's too damn high and a lot of people that really need relief can't afford pain pills let alone this price gouging crap.

  2. The shame is if u got cash u get heath aid if u do not your just screwed, how is this even considered to be ethical,Drs are supposed to have ethical guide lines who knew it's only if you can afford the medical help they offer ,hmm

  3. yea right that jew just trying to cash in remember most of Columbus wealth is held by the law like judges and lawyer's 300 "standard in the industry" that's a bull shit lie but whatever man fuck this state

  4. I like what that doctor is doing but 300 dollar evaluation fee? Come on man. What risks could there be with weed? Doesn't sound too compassionate to me. I'll do the evaluation for free. Obviously if you think you need it, you need it. Why be evaluated like it's some big pharma poison?

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