How to Become a Successful Trader With Dan From The Chart Guys

How to become a successful trader with Dan from the Chart Guys. We talk to Dan from The Chart Guys about what it takes to become a successful trader and …


  1. Honestly Loved the interview…..When Dans Speaking…. No offence but when he mentions something you can identify with it is NOT a signal to just start talking about YOURSELF just move on to the next thing. Pushed the book thing a little hard as well but dan knows his shit and seems super down to earth

  2. Dan, did you know Paul before you agreed to be interviewed? The contrast between the two of you is epic. What a narcissistic a-hole. Surely there are other YouTuber influencers more aligned with your class and insights.

  3. So many great take-aways!  Mostly I love the fact that Dan is very relatable.  As a 4th generation farmer myself, I appreciate being grounded, investing in the land and connecting to nature.  On top of this, I am inspired by my ability to be successful considering I also have a keen intellect, always nailed those standardized tests, have a degree in psychology, which i intend to use to my benefit, and I am a humble and giving person as well!  Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dan, you're excellent. Great interview. Paul: thank you for setting this up. Small note, consider asking more open ended en perhaps less loaded questions. A strong interviewer talks 10-20% of the time and listens the rest. Good luck moving forward.

  5. It was good to hear that 'success' or at least perceived success came to Dan a few years in. I'm about a month into my journey with trading and I am learning constantly. Sometimes I learn by losing. Much gratitude to Dan and the rest of the community out there helping people learn TA

  6. One last thing… To me, the best part was the fact that Dan was smiling during this entire video. You truly inspire me with your outlook on life, being able to balance work life and personal life. I especially gravitate towards your 'fail forward' mentality and the self motivated and self disciplined characteristics you possess. You definitely keep me motivated and keep me focused on my goal to learn technical analysis and be a financially independent person. Thanks again for all you do. I think you're awesome and I am happy to be a follower and a customer. #dogoodthings

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