1. You seem like such a nice guy and I don’t even have any eye problems you just poped up in my recommend and I’m probably going to keep watching your videos because you have such a good personality

  2. Hi doctor, can you help me please? I used colloidal silver in my eye a few weeks ago for a pink eye infection. Last week I noticed that it turned my eyeball a slightly bluish-gray color. Is there anything I can do to reverse it? Please help me I am very desperate. One eye is white and the other is gray because of the colloidal silver.

  3. My eyes were red all day. I POURED clear eyes eye drops down my eyeballs. I got the lumify, put them in and my eyes cleared up A LOT. Still a little red, but that’s expected after crying all day yesterday 😩🤣

  4. I have bloodshots that are permanent, they dont change intesity and are very visible, I have them since 2 years now. I have blepharitis but its controled and doctors say that my eyes are healthy overall. Any idea anyone? I got prescripted Betadrin (Naphazolini nitras) it removed some but it didnt help with this intense ones.

  5. I have used Lumify several times and as you say, they work instantly. However, withing 30 minutes my eyes become so itchy that I need to rub them for relief and then they are worse than before I used the eyedrops.

  6. Thank you kindly for your explanations. This educative video helped me understand that I shouldn't use redness relief drops if all I want to do is hydrate my eyes, especially when my cases of redness are both mild and infrequent.

    You've probably saved me from all sorts of future complications now that my eyes can continue receiving the nutrients that they need!

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