How to Grow Marijuana (Step-By-Step) Week Three

NOTICE: All plants used in video contain ZERO THC. Some plants shown were either cadaver (artificial) or Kenaf. Want to learn how to grow marijuana?


  1. IMPORTANT: Before you read any inaccurate comments below, please be sure to read my REPLY to each of them.

    I'm attempting to provide accurate & free information on "how to grow cannabis" based on science and best practices.

    In regards to me wearing a suit, I just finished teaching a class at our 3,400/sqft Cannabis College in Orlando, FL and I prefer to kill the stigma associated with Marijuana.

    If you have any questions, comment & I'll respond ASAP.

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  2. Hey Pat if someone hypothetically added nutrients such as organic go box to a seedling and the seedlings is now laying on the soil vs. Standing up would you flush the medium or give the plant time to adapt

  3. The amount of money and time this guy is wasting is unreal! Not gonna go into it cause theres too many things you could do better but just put your seed directly into your medium in a large container instead of wasting time with the little pots, also I'm pretty sure PH of 'roughly 7' is wrong shouldn't it be just under 7 like 6.8 or something like that?

  4. Terible start for your plants… the roots could have bin zo much deeper in the soil if they havent bin in such rediculess small containers this slows down the growth very much. And streching hormones wil for ever have a negative influence on the entire growth of these plants and you dont even need high humidity with seedlings. If my plants would look like these I trow them away cause they will never become a plant I would be proud off.
    My own plants are in week 3 just a vew cm in hight and 10 or even more cm in width. They never grow taller than 50cm in total and harvests above 1,5gram per Watt.

  5. so stretching occurs even in those heat tanks? I'm assuming stretching is pretty much natural than because obviously plants are going to want to get close to a light source. for those fallen over ones its because there wasn't enough airflow going inside the tank.

  6. Really great videos for people aspiring to have a career in the Cannabis Industry! Very helpful for the beginner grower. Thank you so much for the free instructional videos! I am definitely considering attending Learn Sativa Cannabis College in the near future!

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