How To Make Cannabis Tincture/ e-Cig Juice (Quick Vegetable Glycerin Method): Cannabasics #29

Learn How To Make Cannabis Tincture with Vegetable Glycerin in Cannabasics #29. This quick method uses heat and will produce a very potent water soluble …


  1. They say when you make canna butter to use real butter and not margarine because the real butter has more fat and therefore gives the thc more to stick to. Vegetable glycerine has zero fat so what does thc stick to?

  2. Thank you for this nice video. A girlfriend of mine can confirm (she lives in California where it is 100% legal to buy cannabis); following your method, she made a batch of about 60ml using more or less 5 grams of cannabis (bud and shake) and about 80-90ml VG. She only performed 2 extractions and also omitted the final decarb process. In between the two extractions, she added a teaspoon of TSIPOURO without anise (a Greek 80-proof kind of moonshine) before straining the mixture through the cheesecloth. She said she vaped it @20 watts (about 5 hits 2-3 seconds each and waited a bit before exhaling) and the result was a very nice smooth high. She thanks you for this tutorial as well. She didn't write the comment/review cause she is a pussy who doesn't want to reveal her id even though it is 100% legal. 😀

    Some friendly advice: If you know how to use cannabis you won't hurt yourself. If you are not so experienced then you should do a little bit of research before you decide to use it in any form. Be careful and stay away from illegal activities (if it is not legal in your country and/or state) cause it isn't worth it to get in trouble either with the authorities or otherwise endanger yourself in any way.

  3. I started with 15gr of grade A+ bud only, and a total of 200ml 50/50 PG/VG, ending to 120ml of pure potent juice.
    I did decarb before, 45 minutes @115°C/240° F in the oven, and next i did 3 runs. I doubled each run, 2x45minutes, and in between each run i put my pot for 10minutes in an ultrasonic bath (cheap amazon's one);
    After filtering with coffee filter, 20 micron mesh who captures particles until 15 micron, it take 3 days for the gravity to complete the filtering process because of the thickness of my heavy soup, and once done, i ended by filtering once again the juice with 0.45 micron (zero dot forty five micron ! ) syringe filter to get a very clear juice, w/o wax and fats (a kind of "winterisation" for glycerin). In average, it dropped out 0,60 grams of wax and fat materials each 10ml of raw juice – Almost 30 minutes to filter 10ml with the syringe, as 0.45 micron filter is really small. You can find 0.22 micron filter, you'll got a clearer juice, but it will retains also many terpenes and not necessary. But cheesecloth like in this video is just if you are making edible, far from enough for vaping purpose.
    The end product is awesome

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