How To Make Chocolate Crisp Bar Cannabis Edibles with Rosin Wax: Cannabasics #104

(Age 21+) How To Make Chocolate Crisp Cannabis Edibles with Rosin Wax: Cannabasics #104. Supplies in our Amazon Affiliate Store: …


  1. Pro-tip: dab the rosin. Save chips, decarb, cool, powder in coffee grinder, extract in fat of choice using double boiler, strain. Use in edibles of choice.

  2. @RuffHouse Studios Dude, you gotta try making chocolate using cocoa butter, you'll be amazed at how much better the texture and mouth feel are. Raw Organic is the best to use if you can get it.

  3. the reason you got zero rosin after you decarbed is because you had it directly under the heating coil while it was red hot, while you may of only had it set to 250 degrees the heating element gets wayyyy hotter than that. the temp setting just tells it when to turn off the heating element. you must preheat to desired temp then turn off heating element. you 100% over heated the bud under the heat coil even though you had tin foil over it

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