1. So if i where to bake something with the butter, like a cake or something, whats the ratios like? Do i add normal butter aswell or just replace the normal butter ratio with the dope butter, i wanna get pretty high too been smokin for 14years and stoped but still want to get the same buzz from eatin

  2. If I used one gram of weed for this what is the mg that will be in this when done ? I’m new to this and would appreciate the help then if I used half to make 24 cookies what would they be each cookie ?

  3. This is the perfect way. I see alot of people adding water to their butter/bud mixture on the stove and I think it dilutes it. Then after sitting in the fridge it separates. It's like adding water adds 2 more steps to the process I don't want to go through. You did right my man.

  4. Hey so i did it the same way but my butter is not solid all the way through! Theres a top layer of the green but a bunch at the bottom is liquid still! Ive had in the freezer for 2 hours and then left in fridge over night and its still not hard! The only difference i see that i did was my jar looked smaller!

  5. Bruh I used this method yesterday. Was taking tiny little tastes of butter throughout the process just for a taste test, and was blasted into another dimension. I fell asleep with my butter in the freezer though lmao. Thanks for the upload 😎

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