How To Make Sous Vide Cannabis Infused Oil/ Butter with No Odor: Cannabasics #101

Learn how to make cannabis infused oils, such as olive, coconut or grapeseed, or clarified butter using the Sou Vide method. Not only is this a precise and …


  1. I would like to try this with my sons vide (chef steps joule) my machine though when I set it says it will only go to 208F vs your suggestions of 211f? Will this still work with my sous vide if 208 F is max temp? Any harm in letting it go longer I heard it increases potency?

  2. Does adding sunflower lecithin actually increase potency, or is this just a myth? You didn't add it for this recipe, but have you tried it with the lecithin? Also, if you filled capsules up with the strained flower after making the oil, would these have any effect, or should it be thrown away after straining? Great video, many thanks!

  3. Yeah it doesn’t smell until you open the bag after you have infused the fat then it stinks. Also use solid coconut oil or cold butter that way u can vacuum seal the bag still. Vacuum sealers work better and you can vacuum seal your flower in bags for less smell and to help keep it fresh longer

  4. dude…. this is my new favorite channel. I have a little over 3/4 of a pound of rosin chips… I'm getting materials together for all these experiments; rosin chips to gummies, e juice, butter… I'm so glad I never threw them out.

  5. Questions : can i use normal vacuum sealer? After decrabing 12 gram of weed can i use only butter instead of oil? If i use 250 ml oil like this video can i drink that oil directly , and how much oil should i need to drink out of 250 ml to get a good high . Thanks

  6. You can do the same without a sous vide device. I already have a food saver/vacuum sealer system. All you have to do is seal the right amount of butter/cannabis in a vacuum bag and boil it for a few hours. You'll get the same results.
    Nice video but if you already have a food vacuum system the cost is a lot less. Thanks for posting the info!

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