How to make your own CBD oil from 99% CBD crystals

Episode 15. Henry is showing us how to make a cbd oil from 99 % pure CBD crystals. Follow the recipe!!! Do you want to know what dose or product will work …


  1. So here's my question that I'm having a little difficulty with. I was buying CBD oil marked 1500. There is 100, 300, 500, 750 and 1500. I hate math and trying to figure all that out, so if I wanted a 1500, how many grams of cbd crystals do I need?

  2. I couldn't find a video explaining how to make CBD ejuice so i could vape it with the juices i make. I don't know if i should mix it with Vegetable Glycerin which is what i plan on using to extract THC from flowers i'm prescribed by my doctor. I'm not sure if it will seperate over time from the Polypropylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin. Please help if you can.

  3. Thanks for the video. You mention cooking the oil and crystal mix for 20 mins on at least 70 deg celsius. Is there a max you recommend not going over? I just don't want to overcook it and lose its potency, if that's possible? (btw – I like the way you roll into the video. Shows you mean business!)

  4. You made a 9% solution, not 10%.

    1g CBD + 10g oil = 11g total
    (1g CBD/11g total solution)*100 = 9.09%

    For a 10% solution

    1g CBD + 9g oil = 10g total
    (1g CBD/10g total solution)*100 = 10%

    You were probably stoned when you made this so I'll give you pass.

  5. Recreational marijuana has been made recreational as of today. Now to start making cbd..however my cbd ingestion still impairs me a bit from the thc. Is the an affordable way to make high cbd oil concentrate?

  6. Endoca CBD, I just went from this video to the one to make crystals from CBD oil. SO, if it's a challenge to make crystals to then make into coconut oil infusion, why not skip the crystals step, and blend the oil into ….. (drum roll)….. the oil. I do that with cannabis (I only grew hemp for CBD this season) for THC tinctures, additives like cannabutter for edibles, topicals with coconut oil/shea butter or wintergreen rubbing alcohol. I would agree if you suggest that it's difficult to know exactly the potency of the product doing it that way, but for personal use home products, it would be simpler. I get pain relief (back and shoulder injuries) making batches of my own medicine. I test each new batch so I know the potency. As Henry says in his videos, Simple. Anyway, thanks for your videos.

  7. I love his presentations in general, but today's video is especially entertaining. To make 10% dilution, you take 1 part, and dissolve it into 10 parts. Fun stuff (yeah, I get that some people might not be too good at math, but…) Thanks.

  8. I’m making oil via the same process shown here, only I’m using a smaller amount of oil (MCT). I’m using 1 gram of isolate to 15ml Of MCT and it’s re-crystallizing at the bottom of the bottle I’m keeping it in. Am I trying to introduce too much CBD into such a small amount of carrier?

  9. awesome video, initially the coffee pot process….and instructions make simple….I really like to try the raw, …I feel it would work to the physical pains faster more quality time that I think…it's just way pricey….I've been buying the gram isolate pdr. and making in coconut oil….not bad tho, I've tried the shatter pineapple express no thc. I kinda don't know maybe didn't melt with oil long enough or just should of smoke instead only not so much for me for pain ease because started to get a scratchy back throat…so change to the isolate again….I'd really like to try the raw paste tho…. ( maybe future is cheaper prices) ????? thanks

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