1. Hi dear, my spider plant is dying now. Can you please share something to save my plant. As of now I am following the tips which you gave in this video but nothing working for me. And can you please share tips to protect my vegetable garden from rats? And also can you suggest a potting soil mix which can be used for all kinds of plants? Please reply me as soon as possible I wana save my spider plant.

  2. is that a spiderplant or lily paris? or both are the same plant? please explain

    I bought a spiderplant from the gardener, first i choose the plant like in this video but the garderner said, "that's lily paris, not spiderplant", and then she gave a plant with thin leaf and has a white side more thick.

    please help explain this

  3. आवाज ही बहुत सुरीली है आपकी ऐसी अजवा से समझाया जाए तो इंसान को ना समझ आने वाली चीजें भी समझ आ जाये

  4. I am facing 3 problems with my spider plant.
    First when I got it from nursery after few days it's tip started turning brown and that's when i came across your video and relaised that it's because of irregular watering… So I started watering it's regularly…but it wasn't making a difference so I thought that it might be the light issue so I shifted it to my balcony where it's bright but there is no direct sunlight…but still there was no difference and the leaves continued to die and I noticed that now they stated turning yellow brown from its base and also the leaves have started rolling up, as in, the two edges are coming together…please suggest me how to tackle these problems.
    Thank you.

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