How to Smoke/ Vape Cannabis Discreetly (Worst to Best Methods): Cannabasics #84

Learn How to Smoke or Vape Cannabis Discreetly in Cannabasics #83 with this comparison of bongs,dab rigs, pipes, blunts, joints and vaporizers …


  1. Haha. Great fun to watch vid mate. All your work is excellent. Great delivery and production values too.interesting , clear and to the point. Very nice style. The lengths of vids are spot on. I can re watch all your vids (that I have seen to date) no problem at all. Impressed. Ruffhouse studios is excellent.
    Thanks for all the vids. 🐨

    PS. I collected half a cup of black dry bong tar. Did a week soak and shake acetone extraction. Improvised filtering. Slow natural evap of the acetone. Leaving an oily, waxy substance. Black in colour and less than 10% of start material weight was recovered. Has effects. I’d like to know more about the compounds consumed in this processing.
    Could this be perfected ?
    Am I just going too far with recycling?

  2. Ohh man that van brought me back so many memories. When i was a teenager a old neighbor literally had junk yard in his back yard. He had a 93 chevy van and he would let the squad toke up in it. We pimped out that van real nice lol.

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