1. Dear JJ.
    Its good seeing you. How are you?
    Please may I take a moment of your time to ask if you can say what times best to take clippings from The Mother Plant?
    Will the cuttings turn out the exact same as the Mother?
    Im greatful. From Craig. England.
    Ps thanks for your topping/fimming movie.
    What else you up to..wn

  2. Thanks. My outdoor plants started flowering waaaaay early (put em out too early). Was hoping I could still top. But I think now I'll wait to see if they revert fully back into veg before trying to top

  3. Pruning should be done one week into flowering stage or before. Pruning after a week into flowering can prevent your plant from “healing” back up to produce flower. Doesn’t have to be done in veg so early

  4. Get you some alcohol, about a 90 proof,ok %, from Walmart, and clean them fucking scissors, outside of that, awesome video very helpful, thank you very much, just what I needed. Confidence brother.

  5. My Northern Lights grow like trees outdoors, so I dont top. just a little late season defoliation down bottom.
    In my grow tent, oth, Northern Lights is super responsive to topping, supercropping, and bending. My first indoor grow and she's got like 6 colas full of sticky icky! All of her clones rooted, and are topped, bent, and waiting for round 2 of topping.

    Great vid thanks!

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