How To Top or FIM A Cannabis Plant – Topping Guide

On today’s show…from early 2017 – I teach you two common yield-boosting tactics Cannabis growers use: Topping and FIMing which are different sets of moves …


  1. I have a little plant under a 400w chinese LED in 18/6 cycle . After a 1 month its height is only 5 cm. Humidity is around 80% as i couldnt afford to a dehumidifire right now. But I will add a dehumidifire asap. My medium is worm casting from a local store. Temperature around 25- 28 celcius. Im watering it @6.0 pH. Most US and Canada nutritions products are not selling to a poor asian country. And I was received the seed from a friend who took a gram to smoke. I dont know the strain or about its genetics. Is such a seed capable of becoming a healthy plant ? Please advice me. Thanks from Sri lanka

  2. That FIM method made my jaw hit the ground but I’m definitely gonna have to check out your own method when I get time! Favorite channel for the subject tbh. Keep up the great work man!

  3. I love your channel man I grow ak47 auto no body has any good grow reviews on this strain could you give it a go so us who do can have a better example than what’s out there thank lex for the Content you do put out it’s awesome

  4. Hello lex off topic for this video but I havent found any explaining it. I am wondering what it means when you see different numbered strains for example: gorilla glue#4 or sluricane#7 motorbreath#14 etc. I understand f1s f2s and so forth but have never found the answer to the numbers of strains. Are they just the numbered cut and how would that work? I find this might even be worthy of topic in it's own video. You do very well with explaining things so that only leads me to believe you would have a great answer for me. Thank you for this channel and all the content you cover!

  5. Even doing this for almost a year I like to re watch or hear other people explaining methods they use. You never know what tidbit you missed or some added info that someone else adds. Great vid.

  6. I love your videos. Always straight to the point.
    People just blabber about their plants on Most cannabis videos on YouTube. I don’t understand why they just don’t get to the point when they’ve given a specific title to their video 🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Yeah I by mistake one day done the same thing and I had good results so you definitely know what you're talkin about it's obvious but I love your program and I think you make more sense than most of these other people

  8. I've heard from some growers that they "bite" the tops off. Saliva is suppose to trigger the plants defense mechanism faster than cutting or pinching. Not too sure on that but seems interesting.

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