How To Use Micron Bags to Make Better Rosin Press Cannabis eJuice: Cannabasics #91

Learn How To Use Micron Bags for Cleaner Rosin Press Dabs and Cannabis e-juice today on Cannabasics #91. Wax Liquidizer, …


  1. pre-pressing your flower with a pre-press mold have been proven multiple times to increase your yields. it might only be a few % more, but it definitely gives you more rosin from each squish.

  2. i would have thought the press you use would be the most effective way already pucked up as i see you pre pucked or at least tried in your more recent rosin infusion video for the chocolate now having played with the bags for a minute do you still find the best way to press is a loose fit and then flattened or to puck it up

  3. Uh I forgot; Doing some research I saw that what they are using as that liquidizer is no more than "Food Grade – Propylene Glycol" with some flavor enhancers. You can purchase that stuff on Amazon for little to nothing.

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