How to use THC distillate

This is pure distillate in syringe form. You will need parchment paper, a cup of hot water, and syringe with medicine in it. Heat up syringe in hot water dose out …


  1. also been waiting on that part2 now since Feb! Sooo WHAT do we do with them?! And its NOT like we're not in FL lol where it's hot even in winter I didn't NEED to use warm water or something else to hear it up the sun works best or out side and when inside I like to put this in vape pens. But I feel lije I'm missing a lot still and am NOT able to get medicated with this stuff anymore idk why I been on it a year. Maybe I need a break.

  2. Ur hand can warm it up to get an amount good enuf for the concentrate pen. I like to dab it. But idk it is missing sooo many cannabinoid that I think make the thc work better like cbd reverses the high and panic and there must be something that Potentiate it as well. Like cbn cbg etc. I'm not a fan of cbd but I like the other's we need mych more cannabinoid werw missing that the street bud has.

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