1. I am just about ready to harvest my very purple Fastberry, boy was she a tough girl as we had many nights in the 30's F.
    I used FF Happy Frog and Nutra-Rich pellets until she started pre-flowering then FF Big Bloom …1/2 strength , and molasses in water a few times. Fun to grow

  2. I just did my first smoke test of my first harvest and it's better than any street weed, even my throat feels better when smoking. I have already ordered several seeds of 4 different stains. You were right.I want to taste them all, one strain will never be enough 😂👍The high, the smell, the taste(even with just 2 weeks cure) is all better than ever.

  3. Garden looks awesome autoflowers are amazing grow nice healthy buds excellent job just ran across your Channel I did hit the like button I also subscribe to your channel brother and I did ring the bell mad respect Growers Luv

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