1. Monarch your crushing it as usual and I know you love Optic 8 but have you used the optic 6 I'm looking at it for a 4×4 but can't find any decent reviews on it. Cheers 👍👊💚

  2. Yeeaaahhh Brethren!! 💪🏼🌿 Beautiful ladies & awesome content as always my friend! 👊🏼💚 Much Love & BIG Respect to you Monarch Sir! 😎🤙🏼 SG. 🌿👌🏼💨✌🏼 p.s. – I gotta mail you for some of that crazy fire banana mixed strain you made Dude!! 🤤👍🏼 If you have any beans of that beauty I’d buy em! 📬💶 I’m on a strain hunt for banana genetics for a lil project of my own! 🍌🌰 One Love Brother !! 💚

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