Illegal Body Cavity Searches on the Streets by Police

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  1. Mary, I’m from NSW and this is normal. They did that to my friend in my car cause I parked in a no parking zone and she was suspected for having drug on her because she was sitting in the car while a ran into a shop to grab a drink. My fault I was the driver. The law broken was by me. Yet my friend was searched in this way. Full body cavity search. She had nothing and they followed up with searching my car. They didn’t find anything they wanted to. They did find something I’d thought was lost, though. Lol. But,…. That was in 1990!

  2. Thee parasites who want to cavity searches of theirs are mentally sick They can only be doing it for their pleasure, not for any real reason, and they all need a permanent cavity in their skulls.

  3. Wonder why this has never been on any of the local or nationwide news.  This is outrageous!  Sounds like a good subject for 60 minutes or one of those very popular investigative shows.

  4. How many more instances of police abuse AND MURDER OF UNARMED CITIZENS will it take for people to realize that COPS ARE PAID THUGS AND ASSASSINS? Never put your faith in them.

  5. As a Texan, I’m horrified. I can’t type what I’m really thinking cuz my foul mouth filter disintegrated along with our freedom. These are the people who need to be DOXed. Their families need to know what pieces of excrement they are, in vivid techno color detail. Fuming.

  6. How long can you possibly run a dictatorship with public funds. Privatizing public space is a violation of the vocabulary. The second you tell the public what they can or can't do in the same space that the public pay for is an abomination. Dear white people, what is the government if it is not to dictate to the public what they can or cannot do in the space sponsored and maintained by the public. You can either mind your own business or you can mind everyone else's but you can't do both.

  7. The 4th amendment is virtually nonexistent or, at the very least, it has been compromised to the point of being meaningless for all intents and purposes!

    We Americans need to belligerently defend our 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th Amendment Rights! If we don't, we WILL lose them entirely.

  8. Im so blessed not to be in those mentioned places cause even as one in Christ id pick up my sword and shoot the cop. Cop can steal my money or car and ill just sue but do this i shoot the cop. It will start with some one. This is rape.!

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