1. Hey Gene, looking killer as usual. Had an idea and a quick question. With the jacks, I can't get it to desolve all the way and I'm scared it's not giving me the numbers I want. Just put a small pump in the bucket circulating for an hour or so? What's your sudgestion?

    So I came up with this idea last night. Someone else has probably before. What if you had two trellis, but one was attached to either a square frame a little smaller than your area out of angled aluminum or some 80/20. Has some eyehooks on each corner with your trellis attached to it with ratchet hooks on it, so as the plants get taller/bigger you raise the trellis with them.

  2. i always harvest one or two branches or a plant that has gone full cycle like 7 weeks from a seed plant as not all my seed runs will come out the same.in a crop there are always be some early finishes for me..clone wise they would all end same time.but i tried some deleafing and it was good for the crop but i did notice that i got some bud rot on one bud because i didnt reduce the water after deleafing.

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