Is CBD a Safe and Effective Cure for Lyme and Cancer? | Dr Ernie Murakami (Part 3)

Cancer and Lyme patients are faced with stark choices: toxic drugs with serious side-effects, addictive pain medication, or natural herbal treatments unfamiliar to …


  1. I am so angry on our drug prohibition laws. So many of my relatives & a close friends could have been saved! I successfully treat my Lyme issues with CBD (whole plant of acdc strain) infused olive oil.

  2. A lot of people think because they buy a bottle of CBD oil and it says 350mgs that they are dosing 350mgs per serving and that is not the case. When you get a bottle of CBD and it says 350mgs, thats how many TOTAL mgs are in the bottle. So a 350mg bottle that says 30 day supply or 30 servings, If you would take it once per day you are actually getting 11.666mgs of CBD. If I am incorrect in my statement please let me know but I am pretty sure that's how it equals out.

  3. I am sitting here listening to what THC and CBD can and can't do. The government and FDA would have us believe that THC has no medicinal properties and it's all about CBD oil. So in relation with Alzheimer's disease, It's funny that Dr Marakumi talked about Dr Patrick McGeers findings on those Alzhiemers patients brain tissue samples. More or less a lot of those Alzheimer's patients were really suffering from a spirochetal infection (from some kind of Spirichetal bacteria) that is inside the brain. Also dr Marakumi talks about the antibiotic effects cannabidiol has with borrelia Burgdorfre bacteria. Now, Google "IGC (India globalization capital inc) Aquires exclusive rights to THC-Based treatment for Alzheimer's disease, read and ask yourself what's really going on here??? IMO, Alzheimer disease is a bacteria infection from one or more Spirichetal type bacteria. That's why we can't say Alzhiemers comes from Lyme bacteria only…. Hmmmm…. And Cannabidiol is an antibacterial medicine. If this company IGC has a patent on THC for the treatment of Alzheimer's what does that tell us?? It tells us that THC along with all the other cannabinoids are extremely important in my opinion to fight all disease and all or a large majority of so called diseases are actually from viral and bacterial infections that are left untreated and who suffers and who gets rich off of the people that are suffering?? Dr Alan McDonald proved that Alzhiemers patients brain tissue samples with lesions were in fact biofilm colonies of Borrelia Burgdorfre bacteria. I would bet my life that if the Alzhiemers "disease" wasn't caused by the Borrelia Burgdorfre spirochete it was caused by "other" spirochetal bacteria. That's why they can't say it's souly Borrelia Burgdorfre bacteria because other spirochetal infections cause the same type of biofilm colonies. Either way IMO it's a spirochetal infection of the brain. Same with dementia and MS. Full spectrum (with THC) cannabis oil is the best bet and I say if you think this might save a life, screw the unjust Laws!!! Make your own and live!!! India globalization capital inc owns the rights to THC-Based treatment for Alzheimer's…. Imagine that shit!!! That's why we all must do our own research because you never know what a little bit of good info can do for a persons life…. Like, save it. And we trust our government??? You want that Lyme Vaccine still??

  4. Who on gods green earth would take a vaccine from a corrupt to the core government and fraudulent medical establishment?? SERIOUSLY?? Has anyone watched the video Lyme Cryme on YouTube?? If not PLEASE watch it. How can a government CDC/FDA and the corrupt medical establishment not believe that Lyme disease is a serious potentially long term illness, yet we are suppose to trust them to deliver a safe and effective vaccine?? Unbelievable! They failed miserably the first time an are still covering it up. They know THC is as medicinal as CBD yet they are still trying to keep it a schedule 1 drug? How about for once our government and the FDA/CDC recognize Lyme disease for what it really is?? That would be a good starter so people can get the FREAKING CARE THEY NEED especially when we are paying for the health insurance!! It all stinks to high heaven IMO. Dr Marakumi is a great man and deserves much respect. Thanks dr Marakumi!! And lone star ticks carry Lyme disease or Borrellia Burgdorfre. I sent Lone star ticks off to be PCR/DNA tested and the only thing they tested positive for is Borrellia burgdorfre or "Lyme disease" and the test was 99.999% accurate. When I tried to share my test results with the Lyme disease community and the CDC, they all didn't want nor did they care to even talk about it. I have the proof if anyone wants to see the test results. It's all corrupt if ya ask me.

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