1. There's a big big difference in safety, between smokeless tobacco and cigarettes. Of course, chewing isn't good for you. We know that. But to think, chewing and smoking are equally dangerous. You're lying to yourself, and you know you are. Cigarettes kill more than double the people chewing tobacco does. Nicotine itself, is as harmless as caffeine. Its all about how we consume the nicotine. That's the bad part. And consuming it through the lungs is by far, without a doubt worse than chewing. Last note, people who smoke have more than double the chance of getting life threatening cancer, than those who chew.

  2. Link * true story

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    Thank you

  3. Dude i've snused for a year, had No infections, much better lungs, addicted to nicotine asf and it helps me concentrate in class. And the only smokless tobacco know to cause cancer is the amarican ones where they fry the tobacco, in Scandinavia we don't so there isn't alot of harmful chemicals that can cause cancer. Snus and smokless tobacco is amazing!

  4. Your wrong about snus . Its pasteurized so the nitrates and bacteria is killed of during that process. Therefore snus is better for than smoking and dip n chew . I take snus mainly but I like a dip n chew everynow and then . We all gotta go at some point

  5. Snus and chewing tobacco are two completely different products.
    There is no evidence that snus can kill you, since no one has died as a direct cause of it.
    Sure, you "might" get mouth cancer or bacterial infections, but most people don't. You know why? Because of mouth hygiene. Just brush your teeth and use mouthwash daily and you will be fine.

  6. How about just don't smoke or have anything to do with cigarettes or anything in cigarettes ie tobacco. It's a disgusting smelling/tasting thing and a huge waste of money. Get out into nature and breathe in that beautiful fresh air. Use your money for something more beneficial.

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