Is Kannaway a Scam – CBD OIL EXPOSED

Kannaway claims they are the leader in high-quality pure CBD OIl. Take a look at our video as I give you my personal opinion of the Kannaway business model …


  1. I just me with a Kannaway rep. I was impressed with his presentation of the company and the product. I have worked in the healthcare industry for over twenty years and I've watch the drug companies make a huge profit from keeping people sick and addicted to drugs…..This may be a solution to giving people back their health and wellness.

  2. This is a positive review for Kannaway for those that commented otherwise- if you watch the video, you will see the real comments he makes. The title should be changed actually! Wholeheartedly agree with this review after being involved for over 4 years- this is an amazing company!

  3. Great video. Thank you Justin for your real testimony, especially the head injury part. I just learned in the past few days through researching Kannaway that CBD can be used for brain trauma treatment. I hope to join this company and this experience of hemp coming back.

  4. I have improved my health toghether with my two cats Little My and Little Star during the last months after beeing sick for 21 years with the chronic disease ME/CFS. I have worked for many years volentarly supporting ME/CFS sick persons improving their lives. Now I have found something that is working on peoples health through The Endocannabiniod system in our bodies. Which was a secret for me until last autumn. Please give CBD oil from Kannaway a try if your health needs improvement. My sponsor number is 2128547. If you want to know more contact:

  5. This knucklehead who is asking this question must have NOT seen the revenues this company is bringing to MJNA along with establishing their footprint globally makes it a dumb question for those who have done their own RESEARCH!

  6. Yes Kannaway is a SCAM. I worked in Colorado marijuana stores. It all has THC. They do not sell Kannaway in Colorado because it's a scam. They can't compete with real CBD meds in Colorado.

  7. Kannaway is bullshit and a huge scam !!! The oil is nothing but diluted shit from China. They are running pyramid scheme like sales on Facebook. their claims are just bullshit !!!

    Stop promoting this shit !!!

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