1. I have 3 friends that went schizophrenic after smoking for about 1 year could be coincidence but for me personally I think it was the weed, edibles, pens etc etc… I’ll never have them back I miss them…

  2. I smoked 10+ years and never Hallucinate anything. Got high af and cleaned out my kitchen fridge and chopped a tree down. But never seen things that where not there . Anyone else had hallucinations before really curious about that ?

  3. I have been smoking since I was 13 it hasn't stopped my learning ability or hindered my life. I graduated at 16 went to college and joined the army. I'm 30 now and have owned 3 businesses of my own and I keep a full time job. If you have a mindset and strong will nothing will ever stop you from doing anything

  4. I have had a different experience with dosage. I have reverse tolerance to marijuana. One small puff and that's more than enough for me. I don't understand how some people are 'addicted' to weed.

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