1. It's funny that they are making sure they bite off of the profit margins shown in the first part of the video. C-cell cartridges wasn't even mentioned. I mean come on at least talk about the heating elements. The panelists clearly have very little knowledge of cannabis vaping which makes for a horrible discussion and media often has purposely perpetuated the dilusions that cannabis and nicotine vaping are the same. Plus when you compare the fact that the reason cannabis has finally emerged in the way that it has, is due to the insane and ridiculous prohibition laws….. Who cares about the tiny risks of flavouring in vaping when someone who can barely walk with Parkinson's takes a puff and regains full control of their body mechanics within minutes? Not to mention it's without the damaging affects of pharmaceuticals.

  2. I got psychosis and had a stroke from using a wax pen for only 4 months. I would use it all the time. At school, at home, everywhere. I almost became brain dead. Please be careful. Im still recovering from my addiction.

  3. I bought a dab in a syringe and it contain like 76% of thc and instead of putting it in a vape pen. I did like 4 nice drops and yeah I was pretty much baked for 2days straight and my stomach was not feeling right

  4. Hmmm under 40 deaths nationwide due to vapes while there were 1500 deaths yesterday due to cigerettes. To me this just sounds more like either the tobacco or pharm industries putting pressure on the cannibis industry due to loss revenue. Ban cigs thennnn talk about this.

  5. Fuck i hate American shows lead on fear and politics they are talking about additives like pg vg when that dosnt even come in distillate or 99% of carts and people have been standard vaping it for a generation much more frequently

  6. They are putting out a LITTLE misinformation here. In the beginning they confused NICOTINE vaping with THC vaping. When vaping cannabis oil, Vegetable Glycerin and Propelene Gylcol should never be present. The big issue here is black market THC cartridges. Obviously they touched on this, but if you are buying catridges you only want LAB TESTED 100% distillate or LIVE RESIN single source cannabis flower. No Dank Vapes or Mario Carts kids. Wait until you are 21.

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