1. I feel like masturbating is natural but I feel like over doing can be a problem like what u think of doing it and might do it in public cuz of how addicted it can be so yea gotta control it some way 🤷🏿‍♂️

  2. Shame on you for this fucking video. Delete this now. You are doing untold damage to young men who take this filth seriously. Do your research beyond the first page of googles

  3. I'm not sure what research you're reading. Yes it's true: masturbation helps you sleep, masturbation relieves stress, and all that. But that's because masturbation affects your dopamine/serotonin levels in your brain, chemicals that control your excitement and relaxation. While this is true, it also means it makes you more numb to things worth getting excited about. It makes you want to stay at home more. It makes you want to be lazy and unproductive. Part of the cause for erectile dysfunction and marital problems is exactly this: pornography and masturbation. Speaking as a nursing student here. Please stop justifying feel-good things that make you high.

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