Is Medical Cannabis legal in the UK?

Do you want to know what dose or product will work best for you, looking for personal experiences using CBD or just more general information about CBD?


  1. Legal recreational use in the UK WILL HAPPEN??? These people are NOT daft their is 2.5m people in the UK that now use cannabis "BUT"
    They will give MONSANTO the contract to grow the bud sold in the dispenseries.
    Monsanto WILL take ALL the healing properties out of the plant….
    They will use all kinds of FILTH growing the plant which will alowe them to CONTINUE too pollute our body's with all the fucking metals&poisons that "big pharma" are forcing upon us presently in vacation jabs etc……. when people start getting sick it'll be
    "we did tell u cannabis was bad for you"
    Think about it man, these people are trying to surpress humanity NOT help it😢

  2. I am from the UK I have fits I have clients and crowns I have two bolts desks I've got in contact with my consultant they don't know nothing I've got in contact with my doctors. They don't know nothing I spit out blood THC stops me spitting up blood they are still stuck in the old ways the doctors we need a new type of doctor

  3. Why are they talking about CBD? And a "balance"? Makes it sound like holistic snake oil! It's THC that we want access to. The whole raw plant! People want to get high after a hard day's slog, to medicate pain & anxiety away without the risk of overdosing, being thrown in jail, or be prescribed the tory trade-marked tincture.

    That, is very simple. The endocannabinoid system is NOT.

  4. It’s just a smoke screen, pharma companies trying their best to pattern cannabis into pill form costing Sativex 50k-160k per person for something that grows in the ground.. and the policies don’t get updated till next year oh and also cancer patients are getting refused and good luck getting it.. oh yeah that’s right pharma companies make so much money in cancer meds they trying best to smear cannabis, People are dying right now thanks to these evil people!

  5. About time this country wised up. The US made $6 billion in revenue last year from legalising cannabis. This stuff helps people. Pharmaceutical companies are not interested as there's no profit in it. Profit from people being ill.

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