1. Yea right we belive you
    Than all the sadhus who smoked weed and tried psychedelic were shitting around,atleast they did not fix a camera and gave bhashan for publicity stunt.
    Its a total personal choice not saying or encouraging anyone to do it.
    But atleast get your facts right.
    You can fool the people but not Shiva.
    God bless with your celebrity interviews and your camera?

  2. I mostly drive on busy streets and come home while high on weed.
    I didn't have any problems till now.
    Edit: Just everything slows down, so you will have to adjust accordingly. Not a big deal.

  3. 90% of doctors i know who's working in well reputable hospitals drink and smoke. So if everyone's gonna take a decision that he or she only wants to get treated by teetotalor doctors then it's gonna be really hard for them to find such doctors. So i disagree on that point.

  4. driving while drunk speed 90 but seems 30
    driving while smoking weed 30 but seems 90 the fooking truth is while we smoke weed we became careful thats why there is fact that smoking weed kills 0

  5. The question isn't *
    (Is weed capable for human )
    Question is *
    (Are human capable of weed)
    If a men want too relax : meditate
    & He is not a yogi noer a sadhu
    Then he can use indica form of weed which will help his brain too produce the amount of cannabis his body need to stay calm & Happy..?
    If he want too be active he can use sativa form of weed ?
    & Mani other form like hemp is used to make Madison's ?
    Soo I think it's time too Change the question ..!
    & Weed is much more good ?
    For health then
    cigarette?. Alcohol. ?
    Jai Shankar ☮️?️??

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