J-Diggs on His Son Dying from Lean at 22, More Painful than Mac Dre Passing (Part 9)

Part 8: Part 1: ———– J-Diggs spoke to VladTV about his oldest son dying from a seizure related to using Lean, and …


  1. He asked that question "Did he cry, when his died"? …because, he's a Fed/Cop/or, just white…whatever, u want to call it. He said that, because deep down they think black men would sell their mother for a $1.. So, he was throwing a jab' right there to him. Like another way of talking shit. Like did u cry?? Because, THEY think/or KNOW that ALL blacks will sell they OWN "momma" to come up. Even they First born son.

  2. Damn I wish I was black I would get hell pussy huh, from all the drugs and violence and rape and gangs, damn kinda glad I don't have kids tho in such a fucked up world

  3. Vengeance is mines says the LORD!!
    And I'm not talking about Mess! Bro accountability. Your enemies become footstools, to step up higher…Do not use your way to prove a point…Let GOD be the one who receives the GLORY. And you receive the blessing. PEACE.

  4. Damn my nigga I feel yo pain to the fullest and from watching this video about you telling this on VLADTV ,I can see that the pain is still there homie ,them shades ain’t hiding nuttN but the up most respect to you and yours and the boss man that pass away MAY HE REst in Paradise .

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