Jamaican Weed Exploitation & Sri Lanka Blasts: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the April 26, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO. 2:18 Brenda and her four month old baby were recently released from ICE …


  1. My Biggest question why didn't THESE Humans come over here when they were stealing -kidnapping and u no the REST immigration is a made up world ASS KISSING IS TRUTH πŸ™‚ Now if JAIMAICA was Geographically in the same PLACE AS MEXICO what do u THINK would be happening – BOY COTT CANIBUS CLUBS SHOP with the Rasta's NOT the impastas :LOVE will never Leave us alone !!!! Boycott the MADMEN

  2. How could the Jamaican government sellout its own citizens and sell the majority of cannabis growing and transporting licenses to overseas citizens. Through these actions the local business community will stagnate with profits going to Canada USA and Europe. This is very short sighted policy short term gain long term pain and suffering. Government should be supporting local business community not killing it. This is how it works in all the rich countries they support their own that's why they are wealthy.

  3. Blatant Propaganda! Shame on VICE for choosing to focus its coverage of the Sri Lankan massacre – 2nd largest terror attack since 9/11 – on those not targeted!! What about the real Fear the country is in, as a whole? The Buddhists have been attacked by these groups as well.
    Sadly, couldn't expect anything sincere from this supposed "news" outlet – another George Soros puppet.
    Beware of misinformation. Protect yourself & always Do Your Own Research. Think for yourself.

  4. WoW. Vice shouldn't you interview the other nationalities who are especially casualties of terrorism going on in Sri Lanka. not only the Nationality who were majorly arrested because of money laundering and supporting terrorism. still, nationwide police and army forces are finding swords and detonators mainly in mosques. Doesn't it give away a tell about a bigger scheme than it appears? Surprisingly most terrorists were well educated. So that disproved the theory of education defeats terrorism. you guys should be blind to not to see other people suffering day by day and living in fear for the nationalities we were welcomed before. Deforestation, cultural invasion, political schemes, terrorism.

  5. Vice we loved you but why you making this problems bigger ISIS also needs this to start a fight against Muslims and Sri lankans. When you making fake news like this this conflict only getting bigger and bigger please give a rest to our island please

  6. Muslims killing hundreds injuring hundreds destroying tourism in sri lanka gets less coverage then 50 muslim invaders in new zealand from the same mosque 2 people joined isis.

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