Jim Belushi talks about growing marijuana in Oregon

Jim Belushi’s grow operation, Belushi’s Farm, covers 93 acres in the Southern Oregon town of Eagle Point. It’s a place he’s grown very fond of and where spends …


  1. he's doing a complete 360 vs 180 because of that cathy doyle I mean smith Christian nurse lady pastor's granddaughter from people's church in Toronto back in the early days that didn't safely inject his brother properly….cute guy Bruno carnevale picked though when he said he looked like him when he emailed me so I called his office and left a surprise voice mail or two on his machine out of the blue in leamington but his voice sounded "OLD" he said because it was cold when I called his cell unexpectedly at the arena

  2. everybody knows the best cannabis is grown in Maryland so stop pretending now that everyone's legally allowed to smoke and grow weed it will be known that other states besides California Oregon and all those silly overpriced run into the ground poop holes have nothing on this coast the East coast has the most amazing cannabis up and down it wait till you people start noticing that so " put that in your pipe and dab it!"

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