1. As much as I want big business to keep out of cannabis oh, I do see it as a great sign leading more toward Federal legalization. The federal government has proved time and time again that they don't care about the people, they love their corporations in the money that they get from them. So wherever the corporations want to go the federal government will follow. But we as consumers of cannabis can not allow them to monopolize and take control of this plant.

  2. People with kids and families making 100,000$ and up don't.wanna buy.amy drugs from some shady mofo. They want peace of mind so those.are.the.type that wil buy.from the.government

  3. The real business is handling that cannabis money that can't go through banks. Financial managers are free to charge redonkulous surcharges if they can deliver security or reliable returns.

  4. For a person who smokes so much weed on a daily basis, B-Real is a very smart and well spoken person, this comes to prove that weed will not affect you and make you stupid or anything similar.

  5. When corporations got into the food business America ended up with an obesity epidemic because unhealthy fast food is now on every corner. I dont wanna see marijuana something that has helped me with depression all my life, ruined by big Corp

  6. Im going back to my father and mothers perspective on Marijuana and that is that its bad. 3 good things about marijuana with 7 bad things about marijuana. I got hooked on Marijuana since i was about 15 , i tried it at 12 years old, but by 15 years when my dad left the house, i began buying marijuana and sometimes yeah i robbed and stole things to buy marijuana. This is part of my redemption: Marijuana is bad and wrong. All that damb money ive spent on marijuana, man i could have bought a house by now. Shaking my head, damb i messed up. Theirs not that many asian or indian pot heads cause their too smart. Most people that buy marijuana from shops are brown or black peopke. Marijuana makes me unambitious. Im trying to quit and its not easy, specially now with shops everwhere. Smh. Wear Sun screen and wear sun glasses. You shouldnt comeout on Sunlight.

  7. Its because of these companies its been illegal to begin with. They kept cannabis illegal and monopolized legal tobacco. So you had no choice but smoke their (and government’s) product or face punishment for doing illegal substances.

  8. I actually made a joke back in high school, about 92 to 96…to my cigarette smoking friends, because I was the only one in my group of friends who smoked the green and not the brown…

    That someday we will see Marlboro greens…

    That day is getting close…

  9. if they drive prices down then we will all benefit, if the product sucks then don't buy it. If it is good and people want it then that's a good thing. People get afraid of them but frankly $5 for 20 joints sounds good to me.

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