1. It also helps with sleep and general mood especially if you get full spectrum CBD oil. I always wake up refreshed when I take it before bed. I’ve also found that if I take it right before work I’m happier and more relaxed when dealing with customers.

  2. I'm trying out a Lollipop with 40mg CBD right now as recommended by a Nurse Practitioner as an alternative to pain meds and sleeping pills. I am about an hour into it and I'm never been more relaxed but what is weird is I can understand what I'm reading and can hear the TV clearly at the same time, but I'm all relaxed. I still have about 30% of the lollipop left. I think this really works. Is this thing habit forming? I need to read up about it. Oh, this thing is about $8.00 is that a good price? I'm in Austin, TX… What is the price in your area for a similar item?

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