Juul CEO to non-smokers: "Don't vape. Don't use Juul."

In an exclusive interview with Tony Dokoupil for “CBS This Morning,” Juul CEO Kevin Burns said people with no preexisting relationship with nicotine shouldn’t …


  1. I am currently a half a pack of cigarettes a day smoker and looking to quit cigarettes I started smoking at twelve years old I am going to try the Juul because so many people have said it's helped them stop smoking

  2. Juul does not see vaping as an alternative to cigarettes. they see a new cigarette why else do they have high levels of nicotine and nothing lower, just a solid .7 ml of 5% nicotine juul pods.

  3. Everyone in this comment section is a fool who has been brainwashed by all of this propaganda. As somebody who smoked cigarettes then switched to a Juul, I can wholeheartedly say cigarettes are worse by thousands of miles. All of you don't understand nicotine addiction and many of you have never smoked cigarettes. Without the knowledge to understand what it's like you are all sheep to the media. I don't feel any negative side effects from Juul and my oxygen uptake is unchanged.

  4. I will support juul it helped me quit smoking as an adult that smoked a lot juul is a great product I will continue being a faithful customer ! Parents need go watch their kids instead of blaming everyone

  5. "I can't imagine we had the data to support that we are selling a product that is damaging to the American public and we had that data that we'd continue to sell that to the public."

    The tobacco industry has been doing that very thing FOR A HUNDRED YEARS. This guy is an industry shill, telling the cunning, plausible lies, that big tobacco has been pushing to advance profits over death for the last century.

    The stupidity of Gayle King to promote this guy as an honorable man is disgusting.

  6. Yeah dont use juul, but to be honest i dont see the problem with vaping at all. I vape on a sub ohm device and find it better then Energy Drinks, Beer, Chocolate etc. Something to enjoy without any of the bad things that comes from those other things. I can use it with ot without nicotine. And even with, its not worse then coffein.

  7. They are coming after JUUL because it is the most common vaping device among adults. Big tobacco companies do not want to lose money and clients that’s why they are coming after juul. The most toxic component in the pod is nicotine. Cigarettes are way worse, granted anything you’re smoking it going to go in your lungs. It’s funny how people are going crazy about 6 deaths from “vaping” but turn their heads when someone everyday dies from smoking cigarettes.

  8. " he didn't shy away from anything " well Gail, if you believe that then you are not fit to even read the tele-prompter to people. Stop the smokescreen you soul less viper.

  9. @3:05 he says all you need to hear,…He hides behind the current level of ignorance and lack of FDA over site. THIS MAN IS A MERCHANT OF DEATH,….look in his disingenuous face and ask yourself how much $ he makes lying to YOU.

  10. Huge reason for some ppls concern is that some growers use non organic products to grow marijuana. The use bud boosters and growth hormones. The plant needs to be flushed very well before harvest. ALSO, the people dying are using THC vape cartridges. China was able to infiltrate our market with very questionable harmful look alike products. Containing certain ingredients that caused deaths. NOT E-CIGARETTES! 🤦‍♂️ Juul started off as a marijuana tech lab (Pax vapors) that wanted to give a big hit to the tobacco industry. The did just that. Most of the flack coming to juul is from big tobacco and the ppl in their pockets.ie: gov Charley Baker(R) MA. Deep in the pocket. Altria gave juul an ultimatum saying either we get a part of the company or we will put you under. This is altrias way of getting smokers back. Misinformation and testimony by "FORMER smokers" that are getting sick from E-CIGARETTES. And if you don't like vaping, go smoke butts till you're dead. It's gonna happen anyway. So suck that death stick. At least I can taste my food and smell clean air again. 15yr smoker pack of Marlboro a day. Now 4 yrs cig free because of Juul. Thank you Juul.

  11. Your defense of defending your nicotine addiction comes at the cost of your vacations and your retirement.

    Juul Ceo and tobacco are spending it!

    Do the math annually and save your receipts!

    Juul and patches are not a quitting solution for nicotine because it still controls you and owns you!

    Start believing you can be nicotine free too by finding out what makes you resent it!

  12. LMAO… They basically put out the main reason for this vape2 ban….. Cig sales are hiostorically low…. the amount of smokers are at a historic low.. lowest of all time… thye dont give a damn about health or kids… never have, never will… all they have ever cared about… Is money..

  13. It takes one sadistic puppy to develop a product like this. It isn't enough if it makes you sick or kills you, but then a 40 percent tax is added? Creating addicts and getting rich?!? People like these are a plague to humanity.
    All that money, this is the best you can do? Your way of "contributing to society"? Go away.

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