Kara's cannabis treatment for autism self agression

I live in Texas and illegally treat my daughter with high THC cannabis. We are telling our story in an effort to change Texas law. Kara has always had a team of …


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  3. I have autism myself (asperger) and i know about the pain that comes with a meltdown.
    When sombody is in an autistic meltdown, it hurts like hell in the brain.
    It is a form of extream migraine, but i can not explain it in a correct way.
    You are not youreself and it is a difrent state of awarness when you are in an autistic meltdown.

    I am against canabis becouse it gets abused and most humans just want to get high.
    But fore medical reasons, it is always good.

    Youre loved one is extream autistic and i am happy that you take good care of here.
    It is extream dificult to take care of an autistic one.

  4. Hi, I just discover this video and I want to recommend you 2 options for treatment and cure (unless it is a brain damage, such ass parts of the brain destroyed).
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydHoL7bBZ2g
    2. Use GNLD products, these are used by world champions, and are guaranteed efficiency. They dont use bar codes, as they are not commercial.

    Important note: Google and also eberything it has, has sign a contract with big pharma in order to censor cures on the internet. So little g is limiting everything good.

  5. Thank you so much to share video . My daughter like this condition at the moment . We are in 5 different medications is well .but they not much working .i ask my doctor get more information about cbd oil . God bless you all 🤲.

  6. my son as a very little boy around 2 years old use to hit his head into the wall we started physical therapy and put him on a therapy ball when he couldn't feel his limbs and he was diagnosed with severe autism. I don't know what kind of therapy Texas offers. I know when my son started kindergarden the therapy teachers gave all the children physical therapy on mats would massage there arms and legs everyday and we did this too. I know it did help. If my son was being destructive I would help him do something else. I know he really enjoyed watching sesame street. It helps if you can get an activity for your daughter that she likes. drawing, painting with her fingers, playing with cardboard blocks, etc a physical therapist should be able to help with some good ideas. Along with the cannabis.

  7. MDMA has also been explored recently in helping autistic people learn social behavior. Very promising. And there are anecdotal reports of psychedelics like LSD and mushrooms improving symptoms dramatically – but unlike MDMA which is under study right now, LSD and mushroom benefits are just anecdotal at the moment.

  8. God bless y’all. This should never happen to where the parents have to go do something illegal to get the treatment their child needs. I myself have adhd and I take try out cbd everynow and then and I see how this stuff helps people with horrible disability’s. I mean the family knows it works because as soon as the dad got up he just walked away. He knew everything was fine after the cannabis entered her sustem

  9. God bless you and yours family and Yes please legalize it. Don’t keep this from people who need it. Big pharma is the main culprit of it being blocked tell your senater to get out of the pocket of big Pharma and do your job or lose your job.

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