1. Silver and gold is the worst investment gold was 5 dollars an ounce not to long ago it was even a dollar an ounce (dollar coin) you will loose 90 percent of your money on silver and gold have fun

  2. Crash coming??? It’s been years and years. It doesn’t seem to be happening due to high levels of manipulation. Plus I am growing more
    Concern of who will buy my gold and silver.

  3. Lol self serving silver sellers.

    Buy gold. Silver is a scam.

    Fees to convert gold to cash and vice versa isnt worth it

    Youre better off buying water and canned food. When shit hits the fan that is more important.

    Lol idiots.

  4. Everyone must surrender their gold to de government. Possession of gold will be criminalized. It happened before and the ppl didn't defend it. Amend the constitution to prevent it to happen again.

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