King Pen 👑🖊- Gelato 🍧 🍨(2019)Hybrid Oil Cartridge Review

Yo It’s your Boy Where’s Waldoe From Chicago! Back again with ANOTHER Cart Review🧠 This time the Worlds Most Awarded Cannabis Vape New 2019 …


  1. Sorry to say but that's not a real cart. Just by the packaging on the back of the box it should have the date it was packaged. Also the CA logo sticker should also be on the black tube in the box. That's for everyone to know. I'm soooooo done with pop up smoke events.

  2. Great content bud! 😏👍🔥💨 Still can’t find these in Chicago 😒 But I’m on the hunt.😁👍 Have a good one bro!😏👍 Stay high!😏👍🔥💨🔥💨

  3. I'm from the low end of Chicago to where do you get your cartridges from my guy was good now but the last guy got them from rip them off and they were fake I need some cartridges I haven't had any in 2 weeks

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