Lady Gaga The DARK Side Of Marijuana Addiction (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)

This is Lady Gaga’s story about how she became addicted to marijuana. Again I want to emphasize that NOT EVERYONE gets addicted to weed nor is it as …


  1. so glad to have found you. I've struggled to quit for the last 3 yrs. I've been smoking heavily on a daily basis for 10 yrs now! I'm only 25. I'm in Cali & now that it's legal here, it's even harder for me. I signed up for your email series. I also watched another one of your videos and your tip on quitting gradually is what I'm going to focus on. I currently smoke about 5-6 times a day. I'm going to limit that to 4 times tomorrow. Thanks for these videos!

  2. It’s factually, scientifcally a non-addictive substance. She’s blaming weed for what her mind was doing to her. It’s misinformation… as it usually is whenever coming from someone who says “marijuana cigarette”.

  3. I live in WA where marijuana is legal, and I like to smoke a bowl and sit in my hammock sipping a beer and reading an action novel on a lazy weekend. Hard drugs like meth and fentanyl should always be avoided but if a person understands the concept of moderation weed is not a problem.
    …Except if it is, like video games, unhealthy food or gambling. I agree that a person with an addictive personality should clear their life of temptations.

  4. Dude… Quit it with the anti weed shit. Look at your views. Anti weed videos have the least amount of views for you. ANTI WEED ISN'T YOUR AUDIENCE. You are liked by stoners. Stoners won't listen to your "weed isn't good for you" rants (source – I'm a stoner – life – 1:01)

  5. How long have you ever gone without smoking weed?
    A. Less Than 2 Months
    B. 3-4 Months
    C. 5+ Months FREE TRAINING. Have you been thinking of quitting your addiction? You may be unsure as where to start during this recovery process and you're scared of relapsing. You definitely don't want to make the same mistakes you've made in the past. Let me be your guide! I'll show you the right steps to take on how to deconstruct the neural associations you have created around your addiction and how you see it fit into your day to day life. It is not enough to just AVOID your addiction for a while. A change needs to happen in the way that you think and feel, otherwise you can expect years of relapsing. Sign up for the Free Training here:

    These other videos include more PRACTICAL tips to quit weed and a couple other personal stories about weed.

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