Last Day in Colorado! ("Haunted" Hotel, Downtown Estes Park, Stephen's Live Music) | Summer Vacation

On our last day of vacation, we explored downtown Estes Park, including a tour of The Stanley Hotel – a century old hotel that is absolutely beautiful! We also …


  1. How can you not like the Millers? I'm a new subscriber here. I instantly fell inlove with this family the moment I watched the video. I can only say that you are the most genuine people I have ever known. Such a loving parents and sweet kids and that's one in a million. God bless y'all Millers.
    From: Philippines❣️ family is love, family is forever😍🍒

  2. Your family is so precious! I’m new to your channel and I just have to say WOW! You guys are so inspiring and you just all seem like such sweet, genuine people! Stephen has such an amazing gift from God! It’s so refreshing to see him use his voice to praise the lord!

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