1. It's the big pharma fault all of this has been taken so long. Marijuana is labeled as a class 1 substance the same as methamphetamines. This means highly dangerous and no medical value. I think we all know that is a lie. All of my veteran buddies live in Colorado after they got out. Think it's a coincidence? It's not marijuana is way more effective at treating PTSD and anxiety than any pill out there. So why you may ask. Because the governments trying to hold back the inevitable for as long as it can so big pharma can keep lining their pockets. Sound like a conspiracy theory but this is 100% true. Also true is government owns the patent for the cure for cancer and aids. I'll let you think what you want on that one. Just wish Pete Rickets wasnt such a passive pansy about all these Bill's. This is the first time I've seen him pass anything big. Everyone I know in Nebraska already smokes or at least is okay with it. Nobody is believing the governments lies about it anymore the jig is up. Just start passing it all through Pete Ricketts trust me we would make more money selling it than we would off ticketing Colorado drivers swinging through.

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