Link Between Cannabis and Mass Shootings? Home Raided for 3 Legal Plants and More!!

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  1. I am completely in agreement with your view regarding the best approach the Canadian/Provincial governments should take: complete and absolute legalization. If the government wants their hand in the retail trade, that's acceptable.

  2. NYC has always smelled like weed, stale piss, and hot garbage. People openly deal weed all over lower Manhattan. You can buy weed in union square park and Washington square park. Nobody in NYC will admit to smoking weed. The weed culture is disjointed,and almost non existent. Cannabis culture in NYC is more a criminal culture than anything else. There's two types of smokers in New York, occasional smokers who smoke only on Fridays after work, and those who smoke weed And do drugs and mainly use weed to ease their high from something else. Anyone who's an actual cannabis enthusiast is looked down upon as a pot head hippy who probably doesn't work or bathe. New York is a Coke town, a drunk town. That's why weed still isn't legal. The movement is so small and powerless. You'd be hard pressed to scrape up 100 people for a legalization rally. And half of those would be homeless kids and other types of street people. Weed is everywhere and nowhere in NYC. Everybody smokes it, but nobody knows where to buy it,and nobody wants to admit to smoking it. New York is like the opposite of Canada when it comes to weed. And when you talk of the suburbs of New York, they are already passing wide sweeping legislation to block legal weed in towns all over New York. Just like New Jersey. NY/NJ are going hardcore Against weed more than for it

  3. All mass shootings are done by the American government and their human kill drones created by the CIA. The System Wants you to think cannabis makes you violent and wanna shoot up crowds of people. Gimme a break with that reefer madness shit. I can't even believe the American propaganda machine expects people to buy this shit. All mass shootings are staged by the American government. Any Canadian knows what America is and how evil America is. Shit,,,, watch Murdoch Mysteries, it's perpetually part of the story line how America has always been tryin to fuck Canada over.

  4. First befoe i even watch the video there is another study that goes all the way back to the first school shooting i can remember of Columbine Colorado and Jonesboro Arkansas …. that majority of all the people who participated in the mass shootings were on sometype of psychotropic drug ie; prozac zoloft paxil……. or yhey had just recently stopped with in 6 months same with some of these kids who killed there grandparents and family

  5. Now I am paranoid thanks Pigeons. My 4 plants in my backyard are visible to my neighbors and will produce at least 2 to 3 lbs if they finish in October. Am I subject to arrest? I live in Ontario.

  6. For those that were asking during the live feed, 2 get rid of fungus gnats theres afew differt ways but its best to use a combination.
    Personally i used hydrogen peroxide mixed at 10 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide and gave the plants a soil drench, then did the same a week later, i also used sticky traps and removed the top inch of soil from my pots and replaced it with sand, you can also use diatomaceous earth.
    It also helps to use something like mosquito bits near the drainage holes in the pots.
    I dont really wanna step over the line and promote another channel here but potsquach growers has a really detailed video on how to get rid of fungus gnats

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