List of All Florida Marijuana Dispensaries 2019 Trulieve Curaleaf MUV Rise Dispensary Review

Today I go over all 13 different dispensaries that are available to us here in #Florida. Have you tried any of them for yourself? Leave Feedback in the Comments …


  1. MUV APOLLO ALLLLL DAMN DAY!!!! Sirus and fairy godmother is 😮😮😮. Lol. Did grow healthy like 3 times but all their carts are like…Meh…Ha. haven't tried any of the others and have not heard of your second one. Anyways dope review!

  2. Hey MV, any chance you were thinking of reviewing some Müv flower and concentrate? I see Müv dropped it’s new gold dab line, which I assume is some live resin sauce and I am dying to see what it looks and dabs like. About time we start seeing some sauces and diamonds in Florida!

  3. I just got some GURU from MUV Apollo Beach today. Boy o boy. That might be the best Indica in Florida. My only complaint is the super small popcorn nugs. Bit it is insanely unique!! Great video. 🔥

  4. Thanks for great review of other dispensaries, I have only used Trulieve, next time you get buy, try Skywalker it’s one of those that comes and goes, in crumble sometimes too! Awesome strain, Harlequin /GDP is another nice daytime flower 🌸 it’s awesome too, not strongest like 9 lb, or Skywalker but Awesome mix high CBD about 8% CBD 8% THC , varies called Entourage 1.1

  5. Good vid. Really want to try rise. I think Grow Healthy has the best quality flower, the 30% vet discount doesn’t hurt either, but besides the highest vet discount, I think they have the best…. until I try the other dispensaries you named that I haven’t had the pleasure in partaking in. This Bong rip is for you and your channel!!!! Cheers !!

  6. I would like to say thank you for the information on other Dispensarys So I guess I'm going to try your number one favorite place never been there so I'm going to make a trip soon as I can what should I get when I get there what would be your favorite flower

  7. Great to see you back in studio How are things going. I've been trying the RSO full extract cannabis oil And that has been helping out a lot With my sleeping in my back pain and it lets my mind rest at night

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