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Check out the official Long Shot trailer starring Charlize Theron! Let us know what you think in the comments below. ▻ Watch Long Shot Full Movie: …


  1. Nope can’t do it this movie is horrible can watch it if you liked the all women cast of ghostbusters then you might and I mean might like it depends how crazy u are.

  2. I think I laughed once. But everytime Seth kissed Chalize I threw up in my mouth a little. Horrible movie. But, KUDOS for showing the new norm in politics. Stupidity, the Cult of Celebrity & Trumpism.

  3. I am half way through the movie and I think it's pretty good. It's just really hard to watch all the jabs they take at conservatives – as funny as they may be. But, you know, those jabs do add to the charm of the movie. And, if this movie was Pretty Woman, Theron would be Richard Gear and Julia Roberts. Seth would have been the homeless person – not meant as an insult just context.

  4. I use profanity just like the next person but this movie was kind of just over the top I mean they drop f-bombs in this movie like it's a period I mean I understand they're trying to be funny and edgy it's just too much it's like okay we wrote the script what do you guys think and somebody said okay now we have to remove every noun and replace it with the f word anybody here remember watching The Smurfs as a kid yeah just imagine that but you replace the word Smurf with the F-bomb it's just too over-the-top…….

  5. I actually didn't want to watch this, yet. But, I gave in.

    I actually don't want to rip your balls off Seth. You did a great job. And the script was spot on. Who wouldn't erase their entire history to have a future with a woman who looks so damn amazing in a cocktail dress?

    Powerful? Rich? I know I would gladly take humiliation, scrub myself clean for the camera, or anything else to be with Charlie even if she was a single mom struggling on welfare.

    Jack Fields. I like it.

  6. If anything, this movie had absolutely no business being so surprisingly sweet. Like, I was so ready to hate it, but I was so mad at how fun it turned out to be, oh my god, it's a genuinely funny movie, which is a surprise nowadays. Charlize and Seth work so well as a couple, I can't explain it, they just clicked and got me cheering for their characters the entire time. Would recommend it for sure.

  7. I just watch this movie, and I love it! It’s very light, and very funny!! I really really like it. It is not a movie about love triangles or people don’t knowing how they feel about other people. It is a romantic comedy that has a good flow and a great love story, without having to go the cliches of being with someone and liking an other person without noticing. Apparently characters in romantic comedy don’t know how to identified their feelings. Sorry, I didn’t mean to ramble; this is actually a really great movie!

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