Looking to buy weed in Illinois? Here's where you can, starting January 1

Looking to buy weed in Illinois? So far, 14 same-site licenses have been issued to medical marijuana dispensaries already operating across the state to sell …


  1. the government love stealing, from black,and minority groups, they take moon shine and turn it into liquid, how many black got theirs,turn numbers into lottery how many minority have there's, now weed ,our government is and always has been about the $$$$$$$,if they can't have it there take it

  2. based on thc …now that's just damn stupid… that sounds like pork in the bill…never fair…never right…some a hole wants to pay for his brother in laws garage at your expense …model after colorado…free and open market…if the shit is good you will get a better price….then taxes will be higher…naturally…and so will you.

  3. Now tell people how the fucking police are all taking classes to learn to draw peoples blood. They are gonna be blood testing people for weed who are driving now, and they are going to try and make refusal automatic guilt. We should be firing half the cops since we don't need them anymore, not making up a new bullshit dwi law to punish the people for getting back their right to smoke weed.

  4. I only support minority owned dispensaries seeing as we were the ones jailed and targeted while whites reaped all the benefits and still do. Support your street dealer before these assholes.

  5. You didn't notice that all the weed heads in this video are white people… I wonder how many of them have criminal records for buying or selling weed on the street corner? Goat drip cause we're not just converted yesterday . Just an observation.

  6. ?️?&? taxed on thc percent. That's a first. The taxes the state gets is ridiculous.i thought my state was grimmey. RONALD REAGAN WOULD BE SHITTING IN HIS GRAVE RIGHT NOW IF KNEW STATES ARE THE BIGGEST DRUG DEALERS IN CANNABIS.REMEMBER ITS THE GATEWAY DRUG.

  7. Black Americans in Illinois have been shut out of the lottery process of ownership of a single dispensary but was 75% of the vote to pass the bill and 60% of consumers. This is a government political process based on history that will never change In America and some wander why SOCIALISM is on the rise..

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