Louisiana coroner says woman died of THC overdose

FIRST-EVER THC OVERDOSE: A Louisiana woman who died in February was killed from THC overdose, a coroner reported. Her toxicology report showed no …


  1. This I not fake news. Some people feel really awful from even a small amount of THC.
    Autistic people or aspergers people can have terrible reactions to THC.
    It is only the CBD portion of weed that is of medical benefit. But today's street weed is enhanced with THC to levels and no proper ratio of CBD to counter balance it. So many people get a panic attack and racing heart from exxess THC. Ive experienced this myself. If its not 50/50 cbd to thc ratio then bad things can happen.

  2. whats sad, you lame FUCKTARDS? EVE IF THIS WERE 100% TRUE, This doesn't change anything ffs, GOD ppl have literaly died from things like black pepper ffs, get real assholes and make this plant accessible for ANYONE ANYWHERE!!!! if i can grow jimson weed and castor beans in my yard which could kill thousands, in an instant from cyanide or hallucination response and delirium effects from the jimson, i'm gonna grow my weed no MATTER what you scum of the earth EVER say, you gotta block the FUCKING sun out if you wanna stop any sort "plant" you elitist fags…

  3. Good God! It's about time! Lord knows how many times I almost died from too much thc… Lord also knows how long a Christian coroner has been waiting for a dead woman to cross his table with a high thc level so he could say she died from it.


    there will be more attempts by special interest groups to attempts to scare the stupid.
    big pharma for one desperately needs to deter use as they cant patent a plant, people on mass are turning to thc and cbd for most ailments instead of very dangerous drugs. also church groups and others have difficulty with critical thought resulting in their incorrect simple minded fear of pot thinking its a gate – way drug but the masses are not that stupid as no one has ever died on weed.

  5. Yeah this is BS. There were studies conducted many years ago with human and animal test subjects and the conclusion was that you cannot die from thc consumption. You simply cannot overdose. You would literally die of carbon monoxide poison simply from smoke inhalation. So in short, you cannot overdose on thc, but you would die trying lol!

  6. What a load of ignorant twaddle. Imagine a backwater hack in Louisiana making a world-wide scientific discovery like the first-ever death from THC!

    That loon needs to go back to school, and his county needs to hire a coroner with a background in science and medicine.

  7. I find the timing of this release very INteresting! Weezy Anna hates the plant. This doc has a one star rating and the person giving that rating says he is a pill pusher( https://www.yelp.com/biz/montegut-christy-a-md-la-place) . With the topic of Legalization just around the corner and the reefer madness in this state (locking people up for 20 years for a joint) I think anyone with a little common sense can figure this fake news out! Now if this info came from Cali or Ore or Wash or Colorado…..I will have a much different opinion! >>Did the Dr test the Vape Oil prior to coming to his conclusion?? << The article says she went to the Dr earlier for an infection?

  8. I think instead of banning THC flower or vape oil you should ban all edibles they are dangerous or else you should at least put it a law in place that if you want to buy an edible you have to go to a class to teach you how to use it because if you smoke it you just go to sleep you don't die free the Green Revolution is now God put this plant down here for us but it has to be used properly and as long as it's outlawed in some states the people that really need it don't get it they get moldy stuff that causes them to die

  9. Why do you keep showing flower cannabis when if she was smoking cannabis constantly she would go to sleep she would not die even if she was smoking a vape pen of cannabis oil she would go to sleep not die but if she ingested 5 candy bars full of THC and ate a whole bag of Gummy Bears filled with THC and God knows what else kind of edibles I tried them Edibles and for 8 hours I thought somebody was drilling a spike into my head I swore I would never eat them again because they take forever to get into your system when you smoke cannabis you feel it under 3 minutes when you eat it it can be 30 minutes to maybe an hour and a half before you feel nothing some people that just don't know any better they keep on eating it because they're not feeling nothing and then by the time they figure it out there out of control

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