Making Rick Simpson Oil from Kief and Isopropyl Alcohol (Skill Review)

First of all i would like to state that this is NOT a tutorial! It is a review of my skill in making Rick Simpson Oil. This is not to show people how to make RSO, but to …


  1. I am Yannis Nat, My mother was diagnosed of cancer in her cervix at April 2019 and was staying in a hospital in Rotterdam. I was desperately in need of a cure until i read testimonies of patients online who has been cured using Rick Simpson Oil. Without delay, I contacted Rick Simpson on email and Rick immediately Supplied his oil. And my mother began taking the medication as prescribed by Rick Simpson and now she is cancer free.All thanks Rick
    Yannis Nat.

  2. Thanks for the video , I keep hearing rick Simpsons long soak , but when I watch rick Simpsons video , he puts the weed in a bucket adds the isopropyl or alcohol and then stamps it with a wooden stick for about 5 mins before transfering it to another bucket and filtering , so where is this long soak , and can I do it the way I've watched him doing it which isn't very long soaking .
    Thanks again , oh I am aiming to get medicinal oil for cancer , any advice appreciated, I do vape , could I vape his oil too , mixed with pg and vg

  3. NamastΓ© Brother, Thank You for the Video.
    Would you please tell me how much kief you used for the syringe that came out at 4ml?
    Much Unconditional Love, Gratitude and Blessings

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