Marijuana Alternative?!? Smoking Wild Dagga- Herb Review

In this video I try out a South African Flower called Wild Dagga. People have suggested that it’s effects are similar to cannabis, and has been used to treat a …


  1. I suggest mixing it with other herbs. Wild Dagga alone is quite weak, but it has great boosting properties. I recommend mixing it with Blue Lotus, Cannabis, Salvia Div., Kanna, Sinicuichi, Wild Lettuce, maybe Catmint or other smokable herb. 👍

  2. I agree with everything he said not addictive at all something you do when you just chilling trust me it’s not something that yu gonna wanna Smk alday as a replacement 😁🤘

  3. Your not doing it right boy. You need to smoke the extract resin. Then you will feel the real affects of the planet. Not the flower peddles. Great job buddie.

  4. My friend is a shaman, he grows klip dagga and wild dagga. If you grew the petals and larger leafs into a tea with a little cinnamon to combat the bitter, it makes you trip like mushrooms.

  5. Great video, thanks so much for the info. Some more info on its name Dagga, the names comes from the Khoisan language and it is pronounced Daggggggga…. kinda like a raspy rough sound that you might make when you taste something bitter, or if you have a pretty rough cough, after smoking for example. The language is also a very ancient one so it is more likely that the word is linked to the sound one would make when coughing.

  6. ATTENTION EVERYONE: ANY herbs claiming to be medicinal DO NOT SMOKE IT !!!!
    All herbs that have medicinal values will diminish or complete break the medicinal effect if you burn the herbs.
    Herbs for medicinal use need to be drink like a thee (NO BOILING WATER just warm). Leave it for an hour in warm water and then consume the water. For a even better effect also consume the left over residue from the herbs.
    But any herbs that is rolled up in a cigarette and smoked loses it's medicinal values !
    So if you want to use this for a more healthier body THEN DO NOT SMOKE IT

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