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  1. 🌈🌟🌞🌟🌈😇💙😇💙😇🌈🌟🌞🌟🌈….. I wanted to reach out and say what a blessing you are and what you doing to heal other's. One amazing man to research is Dr. Sebi he will enlighten you…. also I would like to in form you of Alpha 1 trypsin disorder….I was diagnosed…the mind body soul have to be aligned with our hearts…if we're blind deaf and dumbed down then we are the batteries they use for their energy… The fallen one's…the reason for toxicity in our bodies….it's a struggle in this Matrix to make a difference…. I think we are all going to help heal humanity with cannabis….but please check out Dr. Sebi and how mucus causes Cancer…and the diet he recommends he has healed many disease's…. I truly enjoyed your video…the light laughter and universal Love….we're star seeds waiting to bring forth a paradise… much love and light to you and your families… 🌈🌟🌞🌟🌈😇💙😇💙😇💙🌈🌟🌞🌟🌈

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